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11 Aug 2022

Thank you for all the kind support from participants, sponsors and supporting organizations on “Smoke-free Run 2022”! The activity has been successfully concluded. For the list of winners, please click here for more details. Winners will be contacted individually for the arrangement of prize redemption.

Participants can click here to download the e-Cert by entering their username.


27 July 2022

Result Announcement (Click here for more details)

For any result enquiries, please email or contact us at (852) 2117 1650 on or before 2 Aug 2022.


16 June 2022

Thanks to all the participants for your support, "Smoke-free Run 2022" has been successfully ended. The list of awards and details of certificates will be announced soon. Please stay tune to the latest news on the event website.

For any enquiries, please email or contact us at (852) 2117 1650.


28 March 2022

Event is opening for enrolment, let’s start our smoke-free healthy life together!


23 March 2022

Smoke-free Virtual Run online training workshops will be held on 27 and 30 March 2022 at “Smoke-free Family” Facebook Page through live streaming. Join us and equip for the races! For details, please refer to the event website.


25 February 2022
In view of the current situation of novel coronavirus pandemic, the event commencement date will be postponed until further notice while the event end date will be temporarily postponed to 15 June 2022. Please stay tuned to the latest announcement.